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   from 1998 to this day: Strategic Layout Period

         from 1998 to this day: the development of Taohuayuan, YATAI Garden first stage project in 1998 marked the Company’s 

entering the development and exploration state of middle & high-grade residential housings. Several years later, along with

another rising trend of Chinese real estate market, YATAI Real Estate entered its high-speed growth period; in 1999 Taohuayuan

project was opened for occupancy; in 2000, the Company passed ISO9000 international certification; in 2001, Xinghuayuan project

started construction; in 2002, the Company joined www.zcfw.net which was founded by Vanke and other more than 30 real estate 

developers; in 2003, YATAI Real Estate was appraised as one of China Top10 Real Estate Listed Companies; in 2004, YATAI Haoyuan

project started to sell publicly. In 2007, YATAI Yinghuayuan project, a shantytown reconstruction project, started its 

construction, and its first stage project was completed and opened for occupancy in Feb. 2008, and this whole project was fully

completed construction in 2009, which made outstanding contributions to improve the housing conditions of shantytown in Erdao 

District, Changchun City. In 2008, YATAI Real Estate Nanjing Branch Company officially started the “Young Pioneers Apartment”

project, which laid a solid foundation for realization of distribution in domestic large and medium-sized cities for YATAI Real


        In 2006, areas developed by YATAI Real Estate covered Changchun, Songyuan, Jilin, Nanjing, Hainan and other regions, which

reached the largest scale of development during the past years, marked the initial forming of development management mode for

multiple projects and projects in multiple regions. Especially the hot selling status after starting selling of Nanjing project

provided precious experiences and strong confidence for entering more domestic first-tier cities in the next step by YATAI Real

Estate, and also provided a broader development platform for YATAI Real Estate employees.

        In 2009, by virtue of the tireless efforts made by all staff of YATAI Real Estate Nanjing project Company, the first stage 

project and second stage project of “Young Pioneers Apartment” project successfully realized hot selling status after starting 

selling. This project realized turnaround surplus and also over fulfilled profits up to 16.45 Million Yuan, which laid a solid 

foundation for the long-term development in “Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone” of YATAI Real Estate. In 2009, we also 

registered branch companies in Tianjin and Shenyang respectively, and successfully acquired the 0.49 million m2 land parcel in 

Shenbei New District on Dec. 29, 2009, which marked that YATAI Real Estate has laid a profound development foundation for 

developing Shenyang-centered Liaoning market, and also provided powerful guarantee for future development market in Dalian as

well as entering the market in Bohai region.  

     from 1993 to 1997: Development and Exploration Period

    from 1993 to 1997: in 1994, the Company officially changed its name into Jilin YATAI (Group) Co., Ltd. Real Estate 

Development Company; from 1997 to 1999, the Company successively developed Huimin Road Residential Housing project, Yihe Road

Residential Housing project, YATAI Tower, YATAI Football project, and the Company was officially upgraded as China first-grade

 qualification real estate enterprise in 1995. 


     from 1986 to 1992: Startups Period

     from 1986 to 1992: The establishment of Changchun Erdaohezi District Housing Construction Development Company in 1986

marked the birth of YATAI Real Estate. The Company undertook the construction for Jilin Avenue old city reconstruction in the

same year; in 1987, the Company developed and constructed its first residential housing project since its establishment, and

thereby laid the foundation for the Company’s development direction in old city reconstruction and creation of housing 

suitable for human habitation. During the next several years, the Company continued to operate its Jilin Avenue residential 

housing project and Shuguang Road project, and also simultaneously carried out the Company system reform. The splitting between

 YATAI Development Company and Construction Company in Nov. 1990 marked the forming of YATAI Real Estate.